Websites to Assist Your Home Search

By: Jorge Lopez, January 22, 2016

Pictures of a home are an essential tool when house hunting.  While the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” remains true, they can only tell so much about the home.  After all, you can’t really determine just how small or large a yard is based solely on the picture, or you may have other questions that are valid and cannot be represented in a picture.  The following websites can help you with obtaining more than enough information about a home you’re interested in.

Despite the morbid name, will tell you all of the previous owners of the home, if there were any disasters, or if someone died in the home, for a small fee.  The report will remain valid for at least thirty days and will update should something change within that period.

Housefax works similarly to in that it will provide information on any fires a home has had, but the similarities mostly end there.  With Housefax, buyers can read detailed information on the property including building permits, loan history, natural disaster risk assessments, and more.  The first report is complimentary or you can purchase more reports for a small fee.

These two websites are just two of many available for free or at a small cost that can significantly help you determine whether the home you’re considering is the right one for you.  What online tools do you use in your home search?

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