Useful Tips for Selling Your Home

By: Jorge Lopez, November 24, 2015


Are you planning on selling your home?  Chances are you’ve done your homework and have at least a good idea of the importance of things like a comparative market analysis and finding a real estate agent who is knowledgeable in the area or neighborhood in which you plan to sell.  There are other less common steps you can take to help with your home sale, let’s explore a few.

Always remember that an appraiser is a person.  If your home has a particular scent, it can easily turn off an appraiser and potentially lower the value of your home.  Also try and make it a point to remove as much clutter as possible.  Your home will in turn appear to be more spacious and larger, potentially boosting its appraised value.

Speaking of adding value, there are certain home additions or renovations that can also increase the value of the home you’re selling.  These include adding an attic bedroom, remodeling the basement, or a mid-range remodeling of the kitchen.

When you reach the stage where a buyer is interested but is still teetering on the edge of not being entirely convinced, you may need to explicitly point out some of the highlights about the home or area, such as entertainment venues nearby or local spots that aren’t as immediately apparent.  Since location does play a significant role in a buyer’s interest, mentioning some of the city’s best kept secrets could be the factor that seals the deal.

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