Top 5 Staging Ideas

Top 5 Home Staging Ideas

By: FreeValues Staff, August 9, 2016

Staging is a proven way to help your home sell faster, and for more money. While there are an endless number of home staging methods you can deploy when selling your house, we’ve picked 5 that we think are a very good start for any home seller.

Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. When people pull up to your home, you want the outside to look so great, that they are excited to see the inside. This is why your home’s curb appeal is so important when you are selling your home. Your grass should be green and sidewalks should be free of any overgrown weeds. Plant bright colored and beautiful flowers (these can be had for very little cash at your local nursery or home improvement store). Make sure that your siding is clean, your front door is painted, and that hoses and trash cans are placed out of sight. For more ideas on how to increase curb appeal, check out our Top 5 Landscaping Ideas here.

Paint is Your Friend

You may love that kelly green wall, but chances are a potential buyer won’t. Paint interior walls in a neutral color. This will give your home a “blank slate” feel so that buyers can envision the colors they’ll choose after moving in.


This one almost goes without saying, but your house should be as clean as possible. If it is dirty, it can be a turn off for potential buyers. Perform a deep clean, and deodorize the house in the process (your real estate agent should be happy to help you identify any odors you’ve gone nose-blind to). You can do this yourself if you have the patience, or hire a cleaning company to save time. The money and work will be worth it.

Remove Personal Items

It’s generally a good idea to remove all of your pictures from the walls or tables when potential buyers are touring your home. You should also remove any sign of pets. This makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.

Rearrange Your Furniture

You can actually arrange the furniture in each room to make spaces seem larger. Removing oversized pieces goes a long way to achieve this effect. For other ideas on maximizing the space in each room, hire a home stager for an hour or two of consultation. To save some cash, you can research home staging ideas on the Internet and make this a do it yourself project.

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