Things to Ignore During Open House

By: Jorge Lopez, September 28, 2015

When you’re looking for a home to buy, the open house phase will likely play a critical role in determining whether you ultimately decide to purchase the home or not.  During this stage you’ll obviously get a feel for the property and start to figure out if you would like to live there, but there are a couple of items that you should probably disregard.

Don’t let the age of the home sway you one way or another.  An older home doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.  In fact, there’s always the possibility of buying a new home that’s been built with cheap materials and will end up requiring additional upkeep in the future, potentially costing you more than an older home that was built with better quality materials.  Always remember that an older home can be modernized.

Staging is a critical component of selling a home during an open house, so much so that there are classes offered for it.  Paint choices are a highly personal taste so you may want to try and focus on the room structure instead of that questionable choice in color.  Window placement, outlets, these are more important as a room can always be painted to something that suits you better, provided it factors into your budget of course.

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