The Importance of Curbside Appeal

By: Jorge Lopez, March 17, 2016

If your home is up for sale on the market, you probably know that a critical factor in drawing attention is its curbside appeal.  Whether it’s a scheduled open house or someone who may happen to walk or drive by and want to take a closer look, the exterior of your home can make a substantial first impression.

Knowing the importance of curbside appeal, you obviously want to make sure that you clean up.  Whether it’s raking up leaves, applying a fresh coat of paint, mowing your lawn, or pressure washing your driveway, take the necessary steps to make the home look clean and inviting.

You can raise some of the visual interest in your home by adding shutters to the windows.  Not only will they make the windows appear larger, they can also give an otherwise bland exterior a bit of a boost and draw attention.  If your door could also use a facelift, don’t worry about shelling out tons of money to replace it.  Add some molding to give it a decorative frame, which will make for a grand entrance as guests or prospective buyers walk into the home.

Your use of outdoor furniture should be minimal . While it’s important to throw in a piece or two that can give a buyer an idea of how an outdoor space may be used, always remember that your personal choices should stay out of it.  Consider inexpensive patio chairs or maybe cushions and pillows that can inject some life to the furniture.

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