Selling Tips for the Spring

By: Jorge Lopez, March 8, 2016

The spring selling season is approaching fast and you can rest assured that if there’s a lack of snow on the ground, homebuyers are already browsing listings and open houses.  With young buyers being more discerning than ever, it’s important to ensure that you’re taking all the best and proper steps to prepare your home so it can appeal to buyers.

The choice to have your home inspected is ultimately up to you, but you should be aware that buyers will more than likely request a home inspection.  Should the buyer find a small problem, it could mean a lost deal due to worry over whether there may be larger problems lurking in or around the home.

Always remember that when selling a home, less tends to be more.  Using furniture sparingly can make a room appear larger, so you may want to consider donating or selling any pieces that won’t be making the move to your new home.  Use this same idea when reducing clutter throughout your home.

First impressions are everything when selling a home.  You’ll obviously want to draw positive attention, so make sure your curb appeal is as good as it can be.  Trim your lawn,  remove any dead landscaping, resurface the driveway, consider a fresh coat of neutral colored paint, all of these can help to make a great first impression.

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