Secrets to Selling Your Home

By: Jorge Lopez, June 14, 2016

If you’re looking to get some genuinely useful insight into the best strategies to sell your home, there is perhaps no better source than consulting directly with a real estate agent. They may even be willing to divulge a couple of secrets that may give you an edge and potentially help you close on a sale sooner.

For one, many homeowners fail to realize that home staging constantly evolves and shifts based on the season, maturing from a once simple process into one that requires a significant amount of forethought. For example, are you aware that it’s better to use shorter furniture during the upcoming summer season? This can make a room appear larger and longer. You can also potentially boost your odds of a sale by playing some soft background music to enhance your home’s coziness.

When listing a home it’s also important to take into account timing so that it doesn’t potentially fall into a “black hole”. For instance, if your home is listed during a time when people typically travel often for vacation like Memorial Day, there is a slight chance your listing will be buried among the numerous vacation rental listings or nonbusiness topics. Timing is a critical factor if you wish to maximize your home’s exposure.

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