Saving on a Vacation Rental

By: Jorge Lopez, June 7, 2016

With summer soon to begin, vacation home rentals will be ramping up significantly. During such a typically busy season, prices for vacation home rentals tend to skyrocket and there is lots of competition in an effort to try and attract guests. By just doing your homework however, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars.

For starters, a vacation rental is considerably different than a hotel room where you’re essentially just one person in a sea of anonymous travelers. While a hotel representative may be willing to help you out, it pales in comparison to someone who owns and rents a private property. Simply being friendly and asking questions could mean snagging a great deal on a top notch property. For example, if you’re a repeat customer or plan on renting for more than a week, you could potentially receive a discount.

Space should also be a major consideration. It’s easy to get swayed into thinking you need more space than necessary. Choosing something smaller could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. After all, does a couple with no children really need three bedrooms? It may be worth reconsidering. On that note, you should take a close look at what features are most useful and which ones you can do without.

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