Is Home Staging Worth It?

By: Jorge Lopez, May 31, 2016

Among the many decision that buyers need to make during the home sale process, determining whether or not to stage the home is one of them. One of the goals of staging a home is to allow the buyer to envision what it would be like if he or she lived there. Opinions tend to differ on its usefulness, but at the end of the day the question remains: will a home staging result in a higher selling price?

Many sellers prefer to stage their homes before listing it in an effort to try and receive multiple offers and a price above what’s being asked. Sellers have indeed reported previous success in receiving multiple offers, but when it comes to selling price, just how effective is it?

Unfortunately there is no universal answer for the effectiveness of home staging as its results are generally mixed. Some sellers have benefited while for others it’s turned out to be useless according to studies by the Journal of Housing Research. Though results varied, one positive benefit that sellers did see when staging their home was that the property typically spent a shorter amount of time on the market than those whose owners decided to completely forgo a home staging.

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