Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

By: Jorge Lopez, November 9, 2015

Home staging can be the critical step where a buyer decides a home is right for her.  Since it comprises part of the open house, it’s essential that sellers know what to do and what not to do when staging a home.  A non-neutral color scheme, for example, can turn off a buyer and ruin a sale.  Instead of focusing entirely on tips on what you should do, let’s take a look at what to avoid.

Stay away from clutter.  You might have an elaborate system set up to organize the items in your cabinets, but this can be a turn off if a buyer decides to open them.  If you choose to use your closets to reduce the clutter and keep some of the items, ensure everything is properly placed.

Do not leave personal hygiene items lying around, even if it does reinforce you’re a clean person.  It is unprofessional, and it will also deter from the illusion where a buyer can imagine him or herself living in the home, an illusion you would obviously like to to turn into a reality with a successful sale.

Lastly, keep any controversial items from being seen, even something as seemingly trivial as a message board you might keep on the fridge or a poster you think looks nice in a room.  The less personal you make the home, the better the odds of successfully staging your home and making a sale.

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