Hiring a Contractor

By: Jorge Lopez, May 3, 2016

While we all like to think that we can take care of certain house repairs, the do-it-yourself approach may not always be a viable option when the repair involves something a little more complicated.  Home repairs can be a headache as they are time consuming, potentially costly, and probably require hiring a professional. For such projects like remodeling or a complex repair, you’re probably going to need a contractor.

Just like you would with anything else, do your thorough research before you settle on a particular contractor.  Ask for more than just referrals and consider checking the Better Business Bureau to view customer feedback so you can have a better idea of how reputable the business and/or contractor is.  Speaking of which, you’ll probably want to evaluate a minimum of three company estimates before you make your final decision.  And remember that these estimates should only be given to you after a professional has come to evaluate the project in person.

Once you’ve made your choice on who your contractor will be, make sure everything you’ve agreed upon is explicitly written or mentioned in the contract as this will help you avoid potentially massive headaches in the event that something goes wrong.

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