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Four Tips For Improving Your Kitchen

By: Amy Woods, July 15, 2015

The kitchen is an integral part of any home, providing basic needs, comfort, and social space. Little wonder that it is one of the key features that any homebuyer looks at when considering a prospective residence. If you want to maximize the potential of this invaluable element, keep the following four factors in mind.

Stick to Quality Materials

To skimp on the good stuff: investing in premium fixtures and supplies saves you lots of time and money in the future, and can pay off dividend through a higher home value. Some examples: drawer slides and hinges are better at staying closed and not sticking; by contrast, those that are stapled together or made of particleboard tend to be less long-lasting and effective. Similarly, wood veneer is superior in durability than materials like melamine, laminate, or particleboard.

Mind the Aesthetic Details

While it is good to be meticulous, too many details can overdue the aesthetics of a kitchen. Given its importance as a social space, a kitchen has to be visually appealing and ambient. Certain accents, such as pediments over stoves or plaster moldings on cabinet fronts, can easily be overdone. Also keep in mind that it is best for your kitchen to match the theme of your house, especially any adjacent dining or living areas.

Preempt Maintenance Troubles

Consider materials and designs that will minimize future maintenance. For example, natural surfaces that have texture – such as slate, terra-cotta, brick and tumbled marble – may be more difficult to clean but disguise some immediate spills and crumbs. Conversely, smooth surfaces in light colors, such as white laminate counters or ceramic floors, are easy to clean but show everything.

Stick to Basic Appliances

It can be tempting to stock up on fancy and upscale appliances to sweeten the deal with any potential buyer. But as with excessive details, to many appliances can backfire. red cloud . Rather than crowd out your kitchen with all sorts of gadgets and tools, stick to a few reliable and necessary basics. what is a cloud server An easy and affordable way to do this is to stick with a stainless-steel set that creates an interesting focal point while taking up less space.

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