Creative Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategies

By: Jorge Lopez, April 5, 2016

Marketing is an integral part of selling a home, and real estate agents have become increasingly creative about the ways they promote your home in the age when social media is the new norm and traditional brochures just don’t cut it.

Typically an agent’s first move is to place the home for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the database that includes properties currently being sold in the area.  While this has been a customary service, choosing to refrain from placing a home on the MLS gives the buyer a chance of exclusivity as they can check out the home and get a sneak peek before it’s promoted to a larger audience.

Videos are quickly becoming a requirement to market homes, but these videos are much more than just a slideshow of nice pictures.  The videos should be short, but adding slight personal touches can help boost its appeal and make it unique.

Open houses are another real estate custom, but they’re also being redefined in an effort to attract more people.  Visit an open house and you may notice a theme, entertainment, and other activities going on that may entice more buyers to check out the home.  Speaking of open houses, agents have also begun scheduling showings consecutively.  Prospective buyers arriving to see a property as another walks out creates a sense of urgency and drums up interest.

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