Can Grocery Chains Boost Resale Values?

By: Jorge Lopez, February 5, 2016

Most, if not all first time buyers are at the very least aware of how important it is to determine a house or condo’s resale value.  With all of the factors involved in buying a home, buyers often find themselves trying to evaluate the balance between a home’s location and its property value worth along with the home’s appearance.  However, recent research suggests that buyers should still focus their attention on making the resale value of a home a priority.

Housing data culled between 1997 to 2014 makes some intriguing discoveries: homeowners had better home gains when their homes happened to be close to—of all places—Whole Food and Trader Joe’s.  The two national grocery chains are known for selling their own branded items, typically consisting of things like organic and vegetarian foods, gourmet meals, and more.  The housing research data included the values of condominiums, houses, and co-ops located within a mile of these grocery stores.

What does all of this research mean?  Trader Joe’s and Whole Food have a knack for picking great locations to open stores that will lead to quick home value appreciation.  With more and more buyers looking for neighborhoods that are within walking distance to local stores and eateries, these two chains are ostensibly great indicator of up and coming locations.

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