Can a Road Affect a Home Sale?

By: Jorge Lopez, May 4, 2016

“Location, location, location.”  The words are constantly repeated in real estate and they do play a major role in terms of determining how desirable a home is, along with other common factors like the number of bedrooms, the appliances, the yard, and such.  An important factor that often gets overlooked and could be a deal breaker lies just a little further outside the home: the road where you home is located, the one it backs up to, or the one that’s in the general area.

Take for example a high traffic road that’s constantly flowing with traffic.  This type of road can make getting in and out of a driveway a hassle to say the least and homes near these roadways are typically viewed as less desirable.  Traffic noise may also be a factor that could affect the home’s desirability.  Double yellow line roads or those near a traffic light could also create lots of unwanted noise.

Dirt roads are great for getting away from high traffic areas as there are usually fewer cars traveling on them, but they also mean that your vehicle will get dirtier and so may your home, especially on rainy days when they can potentially get muddy.

The further a home is inside of a neighborhood, the less chances of there being traffic and the more desirable it could become. A home on a cul-de-sac, for example, where there is only a single entrance and exit to the street can be a major selling point.

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