Boosting Your Listing Value with Adjectives

By: Jorge Lopez, February 12, 2016

A question that comes up often is, “why do some similar homes sell for more than others?”  For one, timing has a lot do with it, but it can also be affected by the terminology used when selling a home.  Research shows that a bottom tiered home that uses the word ‘luxurious’ in its listing can sell for as much as eight percent over its expected asking price while top tiered homes that use a word like ‘captivating’ sold for over six percent.  With that in mind, what are some words you can use to make your home sound more appealing?

We’ve already covered luxurious and captivating, but you can also throw in a word like ‘impeccable’.  This adjective has rich implications, much like ‘captivating’ and it also implies that the home is ready for move-in and is highly desirable.

‘Landscaped’ and ‘stainless’ are also two words commonly found when describing yards and appliances and should be included in a listing description.  Lower tiered homes using the former sold for five percent while the latter word lead to an average sold of just over four percent more than the expected price.

Other words that can potentially affect a listing in a positive way are ‘remodel’, ‘beautiful’, ‘spotless’, and even ‘gentle’.  Strongly consider your use of adjectives the next time you’re looking to sell your home and want to boost its selling value.

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