Becoming a Dream Mortgage Client

By: Jorge Lopez, October 27, 2015

Most people believe that mortgages boil down to whether or not an applicant qualifies for a mortgage.  While that might be the gist of it, applying for a mortgage also means being able to work well with the loan officer taking care of your mortgage to ensure the process is easy for all parties involved.

Ideal mortgage customers not only have the financial history, but they have also taken the time to do their homework, are realistic about their expectations and are willing to cooperate with what may be required of them.  Even if your credit history is virtually spotless, there are steps you can take to make the mortgage application process a smooth one.

Besides being qualified and understanding your credit, being respectful towards the loan officer and non-confrontational can go a long way.  There is a considerable amount of paperwork involved which can get frustrating, but it’s a standard process.  The more cooperative you are with filling out the paperwork and providing all required financial documents, the easier everything will be when you’re taking the steps towards homeownership.

Another tip towards easing the mortgage process is refraining from becoming an aggressive rate shopper.  While you obviously want the lowest rate possible, there is no definitive rate that will vary that significantly between lenders.  Do your research, but don’t become overly aggressive.

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