5 Tips To Boost House Value

By: Amy Woods, April 6, 2016

A little renovation can go a long way in adding to the asking price of a home for sale. So can a little research into design trends. Knowing the market and who is looking for what can turn a pricy project into an affordable one – and one in which the seller gets the best bang for the buck.

Here are five tips to follow when taking on home improvements.

Brighten up the kitchen. Invest in new faucets and fixtures (both can be found on the cheap) and refinish cabinets and countertops either by stripping and buffing them or giving them a new coat of paint.

Make sure the kitchen is user-friendly, meaning that appliances are clean, fully functional and situated properly. The placement of the dishwasher, refrigerator and stove should form a triangle.

Brighten up the bathroom. More time is spent in the bathroom than almost any other room in the house, and their appearance can make or break a deal. Scrub the tile – both on the floor and walls – and invest in new faucets and fixtures (again, both can be found on the cheap). Add vanity lighting if possible.

Assess storage space and add it if insufficient. Small closets can be built into rooms, or a standalone closet system / wardrobe can be stacked in an empty corner. Having a place to stash all the stuff is important to buyers.

Maximize extra space. Is there an attic, a den or even a garage that is underused and can be turned into living space? If so, do it. More rooms equals more value.

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