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5 Tips on Making Great Real-Estate Videos

By: Amy Woods, August 6, 2015

Video is the wave of the online future. Enter some keywords into a search engine, and watch what pops up. More often than not, it will be links to YouTube and other viewing portals.

With an overwhelming majority of Web users saying videos often make or break their purchasing decisions, the reason to add video to your real-estate Web site is undeniable.

“Research shows that around 100 million people watch at least one video online every day and yet many real estate agents have not embraced the powers of video and used it as a tool to sell property,” writes Mark Courtney in an article on LinkedIn titled “The Persuasive Power of Real Estate Videos.”

YouTube is king when it comes to online video. It is owned by Google, it is free, and it is equipped with useful, trackable statistics called analytics, which tell you how many views a particular video has received, how the video is rated if the viewer choses to do so, what the feedback is via a comments section and whether anyone has starred your video as a favorite. There also are the iconic thumbs-up (like) and thumbs-down (dislike) features.

“Feedback in the form of likes and dislikes also increases your profile as they are factors taken into account by YouTube when deciding where to rank your video in the search results,” according to the article.

One of the most important analytics for real-estate agents is demographics. Who is watching? How old are they? Where do they live? Such information is vital to successful selling.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Create a Channel

Join the more the one million YouTube channels whose owners are making money without having to spend it. You will need a Google account – also free – that requires a user name and password. Once you sign in, you instantly can upload videos, add all kinds of personalized tags to them and share them.

Be appealing

Each video uploaded is seen online as a thumbnail. That thumbnail should be eye-catching so the viewer is drawn to click on it. Ideally, it should be the best shot of the home you are trying to sell or of an irresistible view from the home. The title of your video, as well as its description, also should be intriguing and contain relevant keywords that show up in searches.

Engage audience members

If a viewer takes the time to comment on your video, take the time to comment back. Such a lead might turn into a sale. If a viewer makes a negative comment, find out why. Protecting a pristine presence in such a popular place is crucial to your reputation as an agent.

Understand Recent Activity

Recent Activity refers likes or favorites a viewer gives to a video. Liked or favorited videos automatically show up on your home page under the heading Recent Activity. It’s all about making connections and attracting more attention to your channel.

“Video makers who have been liked or favourited are generally more likely to click through to take a look at your content in return,” the article states.

Learn and take note

YouTube’s analytics tool provides a myriad of data to help you change, tweak and upgrade the content you are supplying to your channel. If one of your videos receives more hits than another, you probably want to follow the format of the one with the higher number of views. Try to find out what is making your audience, i.e., your potential buyers, take action.

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