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5 Reasons for Using Video To Sell Real Estate

By: Amy Woods, August 12, 2015

On any given day, more than 100 million pairs of eyes watch an online video. It could be about how to roast a turkey or build a treehouse or speak French. Often, it’s about where to buy a house. So why is it such a high number of real-estate agents are guilty of failing to forge into the future?

“The stats say that people sit up and take notice when video is involved in the presentation of a product or service,” writes Mark Courtney in an article on LinkedIn titled “The Persuasive Power of Real Estate Videos.” “This is particularly appealing…within a crowded marketplace because a good video grabs the attention of potential buyers, giving agents the opportunity to stand out among the competition.”

Here are five reasons Realtors are well-advised to take advantage of the opportunity.

403 Percent

Listings with links to videos get 403-percent more hits – i.e., leads – than listings without videos.

90 Percent

Nine out of 10 searchers on the Internet said videos are helpful in their decisions on whether to buy or not.

80 Percent

According to Cisco, a leading technology company based in San Jose, Calif., Web content will comprise 80 percent video by 2018.

75 Percent

Three-quarters of searchers on the Internet visit the Web site of the company that posted a video after they view that video.

26 Percent

More than one-quarter of searchers on the Internet look for more information about an item – in this case, a property – after having watched a video highlighting it.

Numbers don’t lie. It’s time to start recording.

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